I've been busy over christmas...
January 5, 2009, in haskell

… but there’s no activity on your blog you may say. Well I decided to do my brother a favor. He is a professional photographer working for a photo gallery called Magg but with his own clientele. Now facing changes in the photographic scene as the recession begins to creep in he wanted to strengthen his own professional presence. The vehicle for such a requirement was an online photo gallery (due to open this week) with some of his more artistic images.

Initially I was going to create the gallery with Python and SQLite but I found myself always going back to hacking on my bloging platform. That was until I found the reason why; I had so much fun programming in Haskell. Armed with this new knowledge I decided to jump into the deeper end of the pool and rewrite (what little I had already done in Python) in Haskell. I was able to re-use much of my work from the bloging platform experience but this time around further investigation was needed to fulfill some of the requirements, such as uploading (multiple) photos, rescaling them and soforth. I will happily share my solution with you in coming blog posts although naturally I cannot give you access to the administrative side of the gallery. Instead I’ll post some photos with some explanation or even create a screen cast of the admin part.

With very few photos in the system it does perform remarkably well and I am very interested in what the site will feel like with a few hundreds or even thousands of photos in there.

The next steps for my blog will be to Tag-enable it. I am thinking about extending the Tags into Series where each blog in the Series will have links to the other posts in the series in a chronological order. This way I’ll be able to group a number of blog posts and present them as a whole.

P.S. As you have duly noticed I’ve begun to blog in English (at least where the topic is Haskell). I hope this goes well with everyone :)