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Turning ☕️ into ⚡️

With an academic background in mathematics, an interest in software and a working experience in financial markets I have found my sweet spot; code and crypto. This includes permissionless blockchains, cryptography, cryptocurrency and software. I strongly believe that they are a fundamental technology and a social layer on which we will build the next wave of social contracts such as money and financial transactions.

Ever since reading my first programming book as a kid I have been drawn towards the art of writing code. Connecting to a BBS over the land line using a modem and later to the Internet was magical. It always felt like in cyber space you could do anything – and it still feels that way. At the same time open source was coming of age. The tension between believers and non-believers was almost like a cold war – a sentiment all to present in today’s crypto market. Now nothing feels more natural and even then arch-enemy Microsoft has embraced open source and Linux runs on ¾ of all mobile phones.

Most of my time I spend between the family and working on my second startup which aims to close the gap between the traditional financial world and the brave new world.

Despite my affection for software I have probably written enough content management systems for a lifetime. That is why this website is simply generated from Markdown files in a git repo. This way it is both simpler and more fun working on the actual content.