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Current state of DeFi

Decentralized Finance or DeFi all the rage now pulling in billions of dollars into shaky smart contracts over the period of hours. Keeping track of food-finance protocols is certinaly a full time job. I spent a weekend to get a lay of the land and this here is the result. Enjoy.

Blockchains beyond Cryptoassets

Gísli Kristjánsson is a co-founder of Monerium, a company making a fiat currency token on the Ethereum blockchain. This talk was recorded at the April conference weekend in Iceland by the Icelandic Blockchain Foundation


Bitcoin was the initial implementation of a blockchain protocol and although other protocols have emerged Bitcoin serves well as a foundational layer for understanding how these protocols work. I created this deck to use as talking points when ELI5 :) This is an interactive deck. Use the arrow buttons to go down and then to the right.