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Optical-mouse scanner & location awareness

One of the problems in the world of moving robots is the task of figuring out where robot is. One way is to mount a GPS-module on the robot. Simpler solutions might include methods that measure how many rounds the wheels have spun and (with the help of the diameter of the wheels and our friend π) calculate the distance travelled. What if the wheel spins or slides? Then the robot “thinks” it’s further along than it actually is.

Line-following robot

On our mission to learn Robotics an opportunity presented it self; a line-following competition hosted by IEEE Iceland, November 22nd, 2009. On the teams arrival it was announced that the track was a modeled after the F1 Suzuka track in Japan. We had designed a super slick car racer and implemented a PID controller using an Arduino board. The race was on!

Rise of the Mechatron

Mechatronics is an interest that my colleague Andri and I share. For some months we have been trying to initiate a Mechatronics project but for some reason we never seem to be able to start even though we’re both pretty motivated.