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Model migration

My brother has been asking me for a new feature for some time now. It’s a simple video feature where instead of showing a picture when clicked on a video begins to play. I had been holding this project off for a while because I knew that model migration would probably be a hazzle. - screen cast, code and more

As mentioned in my tweet my brother’s online photo album went live last Thursday. Since then I’ve been trying to think not so much about it because this project had started to consume my brain leaving little space for anything else (including sleeping). I’m happy with the responses he’s been getting over the last couple of days - and the most important thing; he’s happy.

I've been busy over christmas...

… but there’s no activity on your blog you may say. Well I decided to do my brother a favor. He is a professional photographer working for a photo gallery called Magg but with his own clientele. Now facing changes in the photographic scene as the recession begins to creep in he wanted to strengthen his own professional presence. The vehicle for such a requirement was an online photo gallery (due to open this week) with some of his more artistic images.